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Banif Bank’s growth process is uplifted by our commitment and determination to do better. It is essential we focus on our tasks, maintain our course and progress towards our strategic objectives:

- Our customers
To continue serving our customers with the high quality that differentiated us, anticipating their needs and seeking improvements to their satisfaction.

- Our staff
To exalt our values and build a culture based on integrity, honesty, collaboration and pride in the Bank.

- Competitive position
To explore and improve the Bank’s position in business banking, developing products and services and expanding customer relationships.

- Technology and operational support
To develop initiatives which deliver efficiencies in our activity and improve customer satisfaction.

- Sound financials and profitable growth
To ensure the Bank remains focused on managing its resources and identifying opportunities which will ensure continued prudent growth and long term value creation.

- Corporate Social Responsibility
To make a valid social contribution to the Maltese community, driven by the Bank’s values.


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Banif Bank (Malta) plc is a credit institution licensed by the MFSA to undertake
the business of banking in terms of the Banking Act 1994.