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Home Loans


At the end of the day, nothing beats unwinding in my own familiar space.

With a Home Loan from Banif Bank, I can get the home I always wanted.  

My options

The Home Loan from Banif Bank comes in many shapes and sizes, which means that I can find the solution that's right for me. 

  • The First Time Buyers Home Loan is designed to help me make a sound investment when buying my first home.
  • The Classic Home Loan is suitable for almost everyone, particularly if I'm interested in changing my current home, or looking to invest in a second property. 
  • The Bridge Loan is designed to help me buy my new home pending the sale of my existing residence. 
  • The Buy-To-Let Loan is ideal if I'm buying a property with the intention of renting it out. 
  • The Non-Residents Home Loan is designed to help non-resident EU citizens acquire property in Malta - ideal if my aim is to settle or retire locally, or planning to buy a second home to spend my holidays in Malta. 

Key benefits 

I can:

  • get a tailor made package for the purchase, construction, completion, reconstruction, alteration or improvement of a property for personal use; and 
  • benefit from lower monthly repayments by spreading my loan over a longer term, with the possibility of buying a property of a higher value. 

Getting started

I will visit a Banif Branch and take with me: 

  • my ID Card, 
  • evidence of income: 
    • last year's FS3 and the last 3 months' payslips OR 
    • if I am self employed, my last 3 years' Income Tax return, including the Profit and Loss account; 
  • bank statements of all accounts held with other banks and a signed copy of my new home's preliminary agreement. 

Terms and conditions apply. The loan is subject to the Bank's lending criteria. The Bank reserves the right to amend or withdraw this product from the market at any time and at its sole and absolute discretion. Banif Bank (Malta) plc is a credit institution licensed to undertake the business of banking by the MFSA in terms of the Banking Act 1994 and is a member of the Depositor Compensation Scheme established under the Depositor Compensation Scheme Regulations (Legal notice 383 of 2015). Registered in Malta C41030 - 203, Level 2, Rue D'Argens, Gzira, GZR1368, Malta. 


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Banif Bank (Malta) plc is a credit institution licensed by the MFSA to undertake
the business of banking in terms of the Banking Act 1994.